4 Part Time Businesses you can Start for Peanuts


For many of us, finding something significant to occupy our spare time is a vague idea that may never actualize. Did you know that you could actually use your spare time to start and run your dream business?

This means that that you will be able to supplement your regular income without comprising the time you spend on other important chores.

The basic idea is to evaluate which business idea you like and how you can start operating the business with minimum capital. Since you require very little funds to start this idea, you have a chance to test the waters and weigh your options without taking any huge risk.

Here are some of the top part time business ideas you can invest in.

Become a Home Based Computer Tutor

While most people own computers, not all have their way around the Microsoft and Linux systems. The trick, therefore, would be to find potential clients in your community and train them these basic computer skills. You can reduce any running costs by keeping your adverts confined to your surrounding environment only- where you do not incur any travel expenses. With time, you could expand your services, and transform your small business into an enterprise by producing computer guide eBooks and online tutoring.

Become a Virtual Administrative Assistant

Most virtual administrative jobs are full time. However, you can find some that need part time services. In a general overview, you do not need to incur any overhead costs to start this business. All you need to know is how to organize work and how to effectively use document processing systems in your computer. You can run the idea from your home computer at your spare time. You will need to have good math skills, telephone skills and general computer skills.

Become an eBay Trading Assistant

This will work for you perfectly if you have had success as a seller on eBay. Your earned knowledge and skills would be very helpful for others who want to trade on eBay. You could start out with a social media page where you will find clients, go to their homes pick up their items, photograph and post them on their behalf.

You will also have to collect and send the consignment to the buyer, before you can claim your commission from the sale. You are more likely to succeed if you visit client homes as they will acknowledge you convenience.

Become a Part-time Event Planner

Do you think you have taste and audacity to handle the stress that comes organizing events? Then this could be the right business for you. Usually, the client caters for all the costs required to operate such a business idea. So you do not need to worry about where to get initial capital.

Major weddings, for instance, happen over the weekend. This means that you use your weekend free time to offer consultancy services and even do photography for your client.

Bottom line

No matter what business you choose, it takes hard work to start and maintain any business. The bottom line is to ensure you combine all the factors of production with good marketing skills and position yourself as a unique and successful entrepreneur.

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