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The Home Business Builder blog is a part of Business Builders… The YouTube channel, Facebook Group, Consultancy Firm and Coaching Program for all business owners & aspiring entrepreneurs.

Things to Know about The Home Business Builders

At the home business builders HQ we are focused on offering free and advanced advice for small business owners that shows them how to build their businesses. We include everything aspect of small business within this blog… Everything from accountancy to marketing. Here are a few things we include within our blogs and courses:

  • Bookkeeping and the software that makes it easy
  • Marketing, both online and traditional
  • Email Marketing that increases conversions in all sectors
  • Finance management, Cashflow Management & Tax Planning
  • Business Structures that are best for you
  • Which softwares you should be using to increase efficiency
  • When is the right time to hire employees and how much will it cost
  • Etc… Etc… Etc

Who are The Home Business Builders?

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I’m Chris Race… Accountant, Business Consultant, Finance Consultant, Blogger, YouTube Coach, Property Investor & Secret Agent!

In 2021 I started the Business Builders which was an in-house support group for my consultancy practice… In the years that have past we have seen massive influx of interest and new members, so I thought I’d open it up to the public for free!

So from the start of 2023, all facets of the Business Builders brand will be open for free on this site… If you want to join our Facebook group you can here! And if you want to Subscribe to our YouTube channel it’s here!

For all specific questions and enquiries, you can contact our consultancy practice via an online booking, or email us.

What can you Expect from Us?

You can expect up to date information, on topic ideas, and great response to any questions we get asked.

We keep all of our members and viewers updated with weekly email blasts about the the problems we have faced and the successes we have achieved.

Not only that… Free products, discounted softwares, top tips for business owners, and included services free from our practice is included in our email newsletters that anyone can join.

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