Do you need to advertise

Do Small Businesses Need to Advertise? Why you Should

Advertising is the art of telling and showcasing your business to people who might need to be made aware of its online and offline existence. According to statistics, more than $600 billion is spent by businesses annually on advertisements globally, with digital advertisement going as high as $800 billion. Advertisement is essential for big businesses, […]

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Local SEO

How you can Increase Online Presence: A Clear Path for Small Businesse

Local SEO is about getting well-known in your town or city from offline popularity that drives search results online. But how can small business increase online presence? Being a local hero doesn’t mean being active online, or posting to social media all day. It can simply mean being a strong pillar of the community, that […]

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Marketing Cycle

Mastering the Marketing Cycle: An Easy Guide for Small Businesses

Marketing is crucial for any business, especially small businesses because it determines the sales and the number of customers gained and retained. Mastering your marketing cycle will be the one thing that will improve the bottom line of your business. Small businesses that strategise their marketing correctly tend to have increased brand visibility and create […]

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